About Us

Who We Are

Game-z galaxy is a family-owned and family-centered entertainment venue in Austin, TX. We are an electronics-free and alcohol-free place. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for our children and our community while sparking their curiosity about the world and the universe.

The technological advances in the last few decades have completely changed our world. For the better, and for worse. In today’s world, cell phones are indispensable and gaming devices prevalent. We are slaves to our apps. Social media has replaced the “real” social connection. Our children are addicted to their devices. We all know the effects of this lifestyle on our health and fitness. We are less engaged, less mobile, less socially connected, and communicate far less on a one-to-one basis than any other generation before.

At Game-Z Galaxy, we want to do what we can to reverse this trend or provide an alternative, at least for a few hours.

Games-z Galaxy is equipped with a 9 hole mini golf course, pool and ping-pong tables, old-school games and board games.

We have rooms for birthday parties, team building events, and packages to keep the whole party entertained. We even have a dedicated space where the children can finish their homework before they get to play!

Being a Space-themed venue, Games-Z Galaxy is also a plethora of information about our Universe and the solar system. Besides books and magazines on the subject, we also have a host of other resources such as artifacts, documentaries, and films, which will inspire the youth to develop an interest in our world and the world beyond. A fun and educational experience at the same time!

We strongly believe in the power of connection, communication, and movement. We thus encourage our guests to put away their cell phones and electronic devices and enjoy time with friends and family!

Contact Us

10700 Anderson Mill Road, Suite 207
Austin TX 78750

(512) 219 5299


Monday through Friday 2 PM to 8 PM
Saturday 10 AM to 8 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 7 PM

Our facility is available before and after hours by appointment. Please call (512) 412-2451 to schedule or email us at info@game-zgalaxy.com.